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    Basin Types e-Learning
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    Introduction to Basin Types

    Duration: 3 sections / 90 mins

    Content: 3D Models, quizzes, interactive exercises and videos.

    Learning Objectives: This demo module will cover: The basic mechanisms for basin formation, modifications such as under-plating, dynamic topography, as well as assessing the impact on heat flow for various basin types.

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      Lake Sedimentology e-Learning
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      Lake Sedimentology

      Duration: 4 sections / 120 mins

      Content: Quizzes, interactive exercises and scene-based scenarios.

      Learning Objectives: This module will cover: The principal physical and chemical characteristics of lakes, recognising the deposits of lacustrine environments and the importance of lacustrine deposits as hydrocarbon source rocks and reservoir units.

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        Core Logging e-Learning
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        Introduction to Core Logging

        Duration: 4 sections / 90 mins

        Content: Quizzes, videos, interactive elements and scene-based scenarios.

        Learning Objectives: No prior knowledge to this subject or topic is assumed. This module will cover: Why, when and how is core cut as part of subsurface exploration or development. How to record data from core; and the value of core studies.