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Develop Deep Expertise To Meet Deep Water Challenges

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Develop Deep Expertise To Meet Deep Water Challenges
by Site Administration - Thursday, 1 October 2020, 9:27 AM

Develop deep expertise in the subsurface hydrocarbon systems behind these deepwater reservoirs to reduce risk and deliver on exploration targets.

Deepwater plays are still attractive - even in light of oil price challenges and despite the meteorological-oceanic conditions, and the drilling and development costs.  Recent successes prove this. 

Success is characterised by longer term cash-flows. Large connected volumes tend to provide lower decline and high sustained flow rates. However, this is only if the resource potential is large enough to carry the higher development costs that can arise in these challenging environments.  

Having the tools and knowledge to understand the controls on, and quantification of, the distribution of uncertainty of your resource potential is key to making the right decisions to maximise recovery and return on investment.

Our courses address subsurface technical challenges including;

  • Reduction of cycle time from discovery to development 
  • Sedimentological and stratigraphic prediction of turbidites from slope to basin floor to identify exploration targets
  • Reservoir characterisation of turbidites - including the challenge of often marginal reservoir quality (facies and diagenesis)
  • Seismic imaging and identification of exploration targets in often deep and / or sub salt locations.